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The Malamulele Onward Carer-2-Carer Training Programme (C2CTP) trains parents/caregivers of children with CP to run a series of five workshops on CP for other parents/caregivers. The programme exists to increase the effectiveness and long-term impact of the organisation’s other activities which include providing and strengthening services to children with CP living in rural areas.


Parent TrainingCP is a complex condition that can have devastating effects on a child and their family through the progressive damage that it inflicts on a child’s body over time. The value of the C2CTP lies in its ability to provide accessible information on CP to parents, presented in their own language, in a way that they can understand and by a person who is facing the same challenges with their own child – ultimately equipping them with the ability to minimise the effects of CP on their children.

The C2CTP has been developed over three years by means of piloting the material with a group of 21 parents from 10 rural sites, representing five different languages and cultures. This process involved learning what information is important for a parent to understand in order to have a long-term impact on their child’s well-being and how this information should be communicated in order to achieve complete understanding. In doing so, a completely new vocabulary for CP has been developed that not only makes it easier for parents to understand the condition, but also allows for translation into any language.


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Carer-2-Carer Training Resources


Carer 2 Carer Training Resources


The development of the Carer-2-Carer Training Programme resulted in a comprehensive facilitator manual that can be used by parents to educate others, as well as a portfolio of effective display material to complement the workshops. The full set of Carer-2-Carer training material is available as a free download through our online resources page. These materials are currently available in four languages, in addition to English, with two more languages soon to be added. 



Workshop Kits


Workshop Kits


The Carer-2-Carer workshops require a number of materials in order to carry out the participatory activities. While all the necessary materials can easily be obtained, we have created convenient workshop kits that can be purchased directly through Malamulele Onward. These kits can be purchased with or without a hard copy set of the display materials. Prices and additional information can be found on the order form.

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